The oil & gas industry’s ability to meet current and future energy demands is greatly dependent on its continued push for the application of innovative technologies.

We believe in the value of focusing on end users, and based on this, deliver our current fit-for-purpose engineering solutions in six major areas

Field Development and Operations Planning Systems

Integration of subsurface reservoir models with pipeline network and process equipment models

Coupling of integrated asset model with economic analysis and risk analysis for field opera-tions planning

Advanced optimization workflows for accelerating history matching and field development optimization

Optimizing water injection management for improved oil recovery and subsidence control

Enable small producers that operate in depleted mature fields to optimize their water injection and improve hydrocarbon recovery while minimizing the environ-mental risks of subsidence due to reservoir compaction

Provide real-time monitoring and control of reservoir compaction and subsidence

Optimal placement of permanent downhole gauges

Virtual well metering (producers and injectors) and production allocation

Zonal split calculation for multi-zone intelligent wells

Gas or water influx detection and management

Forecast performance of producers and tracking oil and gas reserves

Virtual well testing and formation properties estimation (skin, reservoir pressure, permea-bility, porosity)

Intelligent oilfield based workflow solutions for improved oil recovery

Optimizing integrated asset management (for clusters of wells with and without ALS)

Real-time production data assimilation into integrated asset models

Real-time improved well and reservoir management - reservoir characterization & history matching; production forecasting and optimization; and optimal control)

Optimizing intelligent oil and gas field/wells solution

Well integrity/reliability management and well life-cycle production performance optimization for production availability

Optimizing production loss management

Asset Integrity Surveillance and Management

Use of real-time data in well integrity management

Sustained casing (annular) pressure monitoring and management

Corrosion-erosion monitoring and management

H2S gas monitoring and management

Sand monitoring and management

Surface control subsurface valve health status monitoring

Well stability health status monitoring and service life prediction (cement & OCTG)

Flow assurance (asphaltene, wax and scale) monitoring

Rotating equipment and artificial lift (ESP and Gas lift allocation) system monitoring

Field wide asset reliability monitoring and surveillance

Automated Workflows and Big Data Predictive Analytics

Real-time data management to support digital oilfield

Intelligent completion/production/reservoir advisory support systems

Data mining and big data predictive analytics

Data driven modeling for well production surveillance

Automated workflows and exception based surveillance using Visual Studio, Petex and OVS designer platforms

Data filtering, validation and reconciliation

Advanced visualization and real-time analysis capabilities for real-time data

Intelligent Oil & Gas (O&G) Field Optimization

Online reservoir characterization

Intelligent field wide optimization

Production optimization

Automated history matching

Reservoir modeling and simulation

Novel Material in Well Abandonment

Evaluation of service life of plugging material options to identify best candidate plugging material using 3D non-linear finite element analysis and non-linear fatigue damage model

Modeling to predict the volume of plugging material that is likely to adhere to the casing-tubing while falling to bottom